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Catholic Leadership: Being Uncommon In Our Times

Fr. Krug

June 18, 2020

I. Importance & Necessity of Leadership

1. "Difficulties come from those who create and exaggerate them, from those who trust in themselves without the help of heaven, from those who give in vilely, fearful of the mocking and derision of the world. "It must therefore be concluded that in our days more than ever the main strength of evil men lies in the cowardice and weakness of those who are good, and all the backbone of the kingdom of Satan lies in the weakness of easy-going [Catholics]." --St. Pius X

II. What is Leadership?

  • Catholic Leadership is the art or practicing of motivating others—whether individuals or a group—to live as befits Catholics, to persevere in this endeavor, and ultimately to reach a common goal which is heaven.
  • 3 Traits of a Catholic Leader: 1) Good Example; 2) Fortitude or Courage; 3) Devotion to the Sacred Heart.

III. Good Example

  • Eleazar of Old Testament
  • Example is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "that which is a pattern to be followed or imitated." A good example is thus a pattern of what is to be done for the good and thus imitated.

IV. Fortitude

  • Fortitude is a virtue that helps us to undertake difficult actions, and it helps us to endure with patience—difficult situations.
  • How to build Fortitude
  • Prayer
  • Practice
  • Positivity

i. "Be a coffee bean"

V. Devotion to the Sacred Heart

  • Devotion for our time
  • Essential for leaders

VI. Conclusion

The times in which we live are not ordinary times—we cannot, then, be ordinary Catholics—we cannot be common because common Catholics—when all is said and done—do not do much for the Faith. We have to be uncommon. Uncommon by our readiness to recognize the gravity of the situation in the world—uncommon by our willingness to do something about it—and be the leaders our days call for. To lead our families—our friends—our fellow Catholics—and even strangers through this world which is bent on our eternal damnation—to influence them for the better.

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