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Statement of Principles in a Time of Crisis  The Case of Fr. Leonard Feeney
Burial Proxy  Don't Marry a Catholic
John XXIII Mass Changes  Does God Really Care
Novena for Poor Suffering Souls in Purgatory  The Purgatory Manual of Prayer

New Articles

Saint Louis On Women's Liberation
Saint Benedict On the Liturgy
Bye bye Darwin The sin of liberalism
The real Luther Poland, Moscow and the Vatican
Home Study can work for you Our Lady of France: Gothic Cathedrals
Clown Liturgy Principal errors of counciliar ecclesiology
Abortion and women's lib How the Cure made a fish pond
The duty of restitution The influence of the Blessed Virgin
The October Rosary The story of the miracle of the beads
The miraculous conversion of Ratisbonne The Cursillo Movement
The Rosary: Links on the Ladder The Bible isn"t everything
St Philomena  On obedience
Two Bishops in every garage Pope St Pius X and Cardinal Merry del Val
Pope St. Pius X Plain Facts for all Outside the Church
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Abortion Women's Liberation
Papal Directives governing collaboration between Catholics and non-Catholics  
Gregory XVI a Pope for our times Pontificate of Gregory XVI
Letter to a New Church Bishop The Catholic Church continues
The Inquisition Part I & II St Bernadine of Siena
St Margaret of Scotland Trinity Sunday
The History of Stained Glass St Germaine
The Litany of Loreto The Missal
Sacre Coeur St John Baptist De Lasalle
Is Protestantism Christian? Question Box
Prince of Theologians St Thomas Theologian for our time



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Prayer of St. Roch

O God, who didst promise St. Roch by an angel that all who had recourse to him should have nothing to fear from pestilence and contagious maladies, grant that through his intercession we may be preserved from all dangers, both of soul and body, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Glorious St. Roch, present in our favor thy efficacious prayers to the throne of Divine Mercy, that we may not be affected by the scourge of contagion. Preserve us, by thy intercession, from the pestilence of the body; and above all, obtain for us deliverance from the more grievous maladies of the soul. Amen


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